Stop the Wheel - I want to get off!

Written by Julian Campbell

 Stop the Wheel I want to get off, book cover

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Are you ready to be a Rising Entrepreneur?

Then you'll want to read this book!

You will learn (as the young man learns) how to avoid being stuck in the treadmill of your business by using innovative marketing principles and how to get paid the money you are worth, on time, every time.

You will find out how to build an effective team of people that work with you and resourceful self management approaches that give you a feeling of achievement at the end of the day.

Above all, you will also find out about the powerful success lessons you can learn from the emperor penguin.

Yes, when you apply the values in Stop the Wheel … I Want to Get Off!
to your business:

  • You will feel less stressed.
  • Your relationships will strengthen.
  • Your profits will soar.

Stop the Wheel…I Want to Get Off!

Is the result of many years of research into small business, people who have read the inspiring narrative have commented that they feel this book will have as profound an impact on small business as the E-myth did 20 years ago.

You will enjoy this interesting story as you follow the Young Man’s journey in his endeavour to build a very successful business with his Grandfather as his mentor and guide.

If you take the time and effort to follow the easy to apply and thought provoking principles in your business you will discover

  • excitement
  • fulfillment
  • and success in your endeavour.

What people are saying about Stop the Wheel I want to get off!

"Stop The Wheel I Want To Get Off’ is one of those books you just can’t stop talking about! It really delivers the message of building a successful business in an easy to read and entertaining way. From start to finish, I couldn’t put it down. One of the best business building books you will ever read." Sharon Tappenden, Partner, Helen Stevenson & Associates - Success Coaching

“Stop the Wheel I Want to Get Off” is absolutely empowering and the layout covers the main six business focus areas in an easy-to-read, well-structured, very user-friendly way. As I was reading I put a smile on my face and developed a ‘can do’ attitude and within 24 hours of me finishing reading I had:

  • Identified the areas of my wheel that need the most attention
  • Developed a personal development strategy
  • Reviewed my SWOT analysis and reconsidered parts of my business plan
  • Reassessed my kaleidoscope of marketing and my unique selling proposition

Congratulations on a book that anyone in business could gain value from – new business owners, existing business owners, anyone aiming for higher performance. And there’s a great chronology of further reading suggestions. Thank you!” Lesley MacCulloch, Editor, Birch Writing Solutions

"I stayed up until the early hours reading it and couldn’t put it down. It is excellent. A mix of Rich Dad Poor Dad and E Myth, but more realistic and very relevant to service industries" Barry Parker, CEO, Creative ID

“I have just finished your book. Congratulations, it was a great read, simple with an excellent business message that's easy to apply but very effective!” Lee Clark, Business Development Manager, Business Swap.

“The use of the Grandfather warmed me to your book immediately. He is the sort of person you love to receive friendly advice from and your Grandfather certainly gives much powerful information for any business owner to act on.” David Keegan, CEO, Abercrombie Uniforms. .

"If you run a business, then you will be intrigued by the life of the emperor penguin. For the last decade I have been fascinated by these interesting birds and their similarity with business as they go through unforgiving, life-threatening conditions just to survive each day. All their energies are focused on ensuring their offspring survive. Very much like you in your business!" Julian Campbell the books Author

Book or eBook?

(FREE postage within Australia)

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